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Leeds Art Walk >>
read more
Commissioned artists in conversation >>
An in conversation event with the artists commissioned by Pavilion in 2009 read more
London Art Fair >>
Pavilion exhibited work by visual artist Jo Longhurst in the Art Projects space at London Art Fair read more
Should we have faith in art to alter the world? >>
Pavilion presented a filmed event at the Henry Moore Institute that probed some of the outstanding ideologies, aspirations and strategies for the visual arts. read more
Nicola Dove: In Conversation >>
Pavilion hosted an in conversation event with Nicola Dove and Angad Kaur read more
Collecting Contemporary Photography >>
Pavilion participated in the 'Questions of Collecting' series of discussions at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery on November 10 read more
The 21st Century museum and gallery >>
What role do museums/ galleries play in society? read more
Free Light Night's Monsters >>
Members of the public followed clues on their Monster Spotters Guide and used Magical Monstervision Machines to spot invisible monsters read more
Ars Electronica >>
Pavilion was commissioned by Arts Council England to coordinate a Yorkshire delegation to this year's Ars Electronica festival in Linz. read more
Show and Tell >>
Pavilion collected objects with stories to form a Show and Tell gathering. read more
Andy Lock: Workshop >>
To accompany Lost Horizons by Andy Lock, Pavilion delivered a photography workshop at the Pavilion gallery read more
Millie Burton. Sun-yellowed TV, 2007Make Your Own Home Improvements >>
Pavilion ran a series of events to accompany the exhibition of Home Improvements by Millie Burton. read more
Benedict Phillips. Invisible Conversations, 2005 - 20093D Thinkers in a 2D World >>
Pavilion hosted 3D Thinkers in a 2D World, a performance lecture by artist Benedict Phillips. read more
Paparazzi >>
As part of the Round Foundry's Summer in the City Festival Pavilion hosted an intriguing adventure of sleuthing and photography. read more
Tea with the Artists >>
To accompany the Pavilion Recognition Award exhibition, Pavilion invited members of the public to meet the artists selected for the opportunity read more
Pavilion Workshop. 2008United at Pavilion >>
As part of United, a programme of events devised by East Street Arts, Pavilion hosted a photography workshop for photography enthusiasts in Leeds read more
The Pavilion Artists' Forum >>
During 2009, the Pavilion Artists' Forum brought together visual artists to engage in regular, lively and critical discussion about their work read more
Life Drawing >>
During 2009 Pavilion ran a series of life drawing sessions at the Pavilion Gallery. read more
Yoga in the garden >>
To celebrate the launch of Wonderwood, a new urban garden and artistic commission in the Holbeck Urban Village, Pavilion took our lunchtime yoga classes outdoors read more
Jo Longhurst. Breed, 2005Glasgow Art Fair 2009 Events >>
Pavilion and Street Level Photoworks presented a two-part series on collecting photography. read more
Kevin Newark. Bag#14, 2006Kevin Newark: Workshop >>
In response to the exhibition of Protoplasm by Kevin Newark, Pavilion hosted a digital photography workshop read more
Peter Ainsworth. A Stuffed Bird Found on a Bank of the Thames at Crayford Ness, 2007Peter Ainsworth: In-Conversation >>
Peter Ainsworth delivered an artist-led workshop and an In- Conversation event at the Pavilion Gallery. read more
Tarsem Singh. The FallThe Fall >>
Pavilion hosted a series of screenings of The Fall by Award Winning Director Tarsem Singh. read more
Jo Longhurst. Twelve dogs, twelve bitches, 2003Jo Longhurst In-Conversation >>
Jo Longhurst discussed her practice at an In- Conversation event at the Pavilion Gallery. read more
Light Night Leeds, 2008Light Night Leeds >>
A series of outdoor screenings including improvised jazz to The Man with the Movie Camera read more
On The Other Side. Les Monaghan, 2008On The Other Side >>
Pavilion delivered a photography project exploring the theme of conflict. read more
Eyewitness, 2008Eyewitness >>
Pavilion delivered a Gallery37 photography project around forensic and crime photography. read more
Studio12 LogoStudio12 >>
After five years' development, Pavilion has now handed the acclaimed Studio12 over to Leeds City Council. read more
Peter Ainsworth. A Series of Activities in Edge Spaces, 2008A Series of Activities in Edge Spaces >>
Peter Ainsworth worked with a group of six participants to cultivate edge spaces in Leeds. read more
Millie Burton. Pavilion Commissions Programme 2007Commissions Programme 2007 >>
A series of talks delivered to support the commission and exhibition of four UK-based photographers. read more